Decorative Room Divider

If the space you want to divide needs a boost of color, or if you want a strong accent piece to divide your room, the decorative room divider is for you. The decorative room divider is not necessarily expensive, although some can be quite costly.

Lively and colorful decorative room dividers for about $100 are available in folding panels of stretched canvas prints on wood frames, some depicting the work of Monet or Van Gogh, others with prints of animals, cherubs or Buddha.

Another decorative room divider with flair and style is the Chinese silk-screen print with silk-covered paper glued over a wood frame. These dividers have three or four panels, are bordered in lacquered Chinese wood and, while colorful, are more subdued than Chinese dividers painted of wood. For a decorative room divider to add spice to your home, these Chinese dividers are available at from $70-$300.

There are also decorative room dividers with mirrors to give the illusion of a more spacious room and provide a place to check your look before you leave the house. Mirrored decorative room dividers are expensive, however, the nicer ones selling for about $800-$1,300.

Decorative room dividers of 3-4 panels made of hand-painted, hand-lacquered Chinese wood, some with gold leaf, are as classy and elegant as fine oriental carpets. This type of decorative room divider sells for about $300-$600 and will add depth, richness and elegance to any room, especially rooms done in earth colors and neutral tones.

And for a decorative room divider with maximum impact, an antique Chinese panel room divider from the Qing Dynasty of carved wood and red lacquer can be used as a highly elaborate four-panel divider or simply placed strategically against a wall for an impressive artistic display. If you can’t resist a peek, Silk Road collection has one now for about $10,000.