Screen Room Divider

A screen room divider (or free-standing floor screen) is a good choice if you want a room divider that screens rather than blocks. The screen room divider is almost always a folding room divider with panels, but there are also free-standing, curving bamboo screen room dividers that can be rolled up when not in use.

The Oriental shoji screen room divider is a popular choice because it blends well with many types of decor and there are many different styles from which to choose. Most shoji screen room dividers are made of light-colored, lightweight rice paper panels framed in wood, allowing light to pass through. The panels may also feature delicate designs of trees, landscapes or flowers on a light-colored background. And some shoji screens have panels in bright colors for a more dramatic effect.

A kabuki shoji screen room divider is framed in wood, but the panels are made of dense fabric in colorful Oriental designs instead of rice paper. Kabuki screens block light to create shade or to dim the light on the other side of the screen. Many are quite colorful.

There are also shoji screens framed in wood with panels made of jute, offering complete shade and an alternative design if you want a style that’s elegant, but not necessarily Oriental. There are even shoji screen room dividers made of wood that have picture frames in the panels to insert photos.

Bamboo room dividers are made of tightly-woven bamboo matchsticks and, unlike shoji screens, provide excellent shade. Some bamboo room dividers display elaborate pictures that look like paintings, like an Oriental Goddess or an Oriental Beauty Strolling With Butterflies. And unlike shoji screens, the bamboo room divider shows its design on both sides of the screen.