Room Divider Ideas

Unlike houses and apartments of old that relied on walls to form highly segregated rooms, the living areas of today are becoming more and more open. New construction is all about the natural flow of energy and space, and many rooms flow into each other with very little definition to separate the spaces. Walls may be partial instead of full to suggest a new room while still connecting with another room. Many walls today are actually more room divider than wall.

Island counter tops, breakfast bars, kitchen counters, half-height and half-width walls, bold changes in wall color and different floor coverings are all popular room divider ideas used to mark off distinct areas of a house or apartment instead of walls.

Meanwhile, warehouse loft spaces are becoming more and more popular with city dwellers, people are renting studios and large single rooms to serve as complete living spaces, and basement/attic/garage apartment conversions leave us with wide-open spaces to contend with.

One advantage of these open spaces is that they give us the freedom to mark off our rooms to suit our individual taste without being locked into one rigid floor plan. Another advantage is that we are able to change the way we mark off rooms without having to knock out walls.

Room divider ideas are plentiful and include permanent room dividers such as sliding room dividers, room dividers mounted on floor brackets, hanging room dividers mounted on the ceiling, track lights to designate a room with specifically directed lighting, and draperies hung from ceiling rods that can be closed to divide a room and opened to expand it.

There are many movable room dividers like mobile panels and folding screens. Bookcases, furniture groupings, planters and large potted plants are all popular room divider ideas. Colorful area rugs can be used to define a space, especially when paired with furniture. An oriental carpet with a dining set on it will clearly position your dining space within any open area. A sofa can be placed to face the fireplace, it’s back to the rest of the room, to create an instant sitting area, especially when combined with a coffee table, end tables and a few chairs.

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