Folding Room Divider

One of the most popular room divider ideas is the folding room divider, which can be placed anywhere to make an instant room, and then folded up and stored for future use. The folding room divider is especially handy for creating a temporary guest room, private work space, indoor shade, and for hiding projects, toys, or messes of any kind.

Advantages of the folding room divider are that it is mobile, lightweight, and easily folded flat for convenient and compact storage. It can be used to define a space all the time, or just temporarily. The folding room divider is available in very simple, functional and inexpensive styles, as well as in extremely elaborate and very expensive designs.

Some styles of the folding room divider feature animal prints or oriental motifs. Some are hand-painted. They can be made of wood, paper, canvas, metal, plastic, rattan, glass, bamboo, willow, leather, snakeskin or a combination of materials. They can be plain, funky, functional, artsy, contemporary, antique, colorful or neutral.

The folding room divider comes in so many styles, sizes colors, shapes and designs that it’s easy to find one that fits attractively into your living space, is affordable, and gives you any degree of screening you desire. Oriental Furniture has hundreds of folding and other room dividers displayed on their website. Both folding and screen room dividers start at about $100 each.