Curtain Room Divider

Curtain room dividers are based on the same principle as the shower curtain. You install a bar or rod of some kind near the ceiling, and then you hang something on it to create a private space.

The curtain room divider is a great way to create boundaries in shared rooms, especially for kids and teens. Each child gets a clearly-defined space along with some measure of privacy. What’s more, the curtain room divider will stay put, even when the kids are dashing about the room, whereas a free-standing room divider could be easily knocked over, injuring someone in the process.

Using curtains to divide a room may be the least expensive of all room divider ideas because you can use curtains you already have that are not currently in use. Used curtains are also available at second-hand stores at very little cost. You can even buy a length of fabric, sew an open hem on top, thread a rod through the hem and hang it up. You can also punch holes along the top of a length of fabric and use shower curtain hooks to hang it.

And if you want to make a fashion statement with a curtain room divider, you can use expensive draperies in elegant fabrics with a traverse rod to divide the room. And adding tie-backs to secure the curtain panels when the divider is not in use will add style and dash to any curtain room divider.

Installing bars or rods for your curtain room divider is no more difficult than installing rods to hang window curtains, and kits are available. A simple rod will allow you to pull the curtain open and closed, or you can install a traverse rod if you want to use a cord to open and close your divider.